Why Are Opioids So Highly Abused?

Opioids are a class of prescription drugs that are heavily abused by Americans. Understanding the root of addiction to a drug like this can help individuals explore their treatment options.

Why Do People Abuse Opioids?

There are a number of reasons why opioids are so commonly abused, for example:

  • As a prescription medication it is relatively easy to obtain in larger quantities. Addicts regularly “doctor shop” to obtain prescriptions from multiple sources.
  • Addiction is not suspected as easily by those closest to an addict. This is because it becomes harder to detect a clear difference between legitimate prescription drug use and abuse.
  • Opioids have highly physically addictive properties. Addicts that try to stop using the drug typically experience fairly severe withdrawal symptoms.
  • Many Americans suffer from pain conditions that legitimately require use of opioids. Unfortunately, as a tolerance to the medication builds, the cycle of abuse can begin.
  • Addicts believe that opioids are safer to use than street drugs, or they wouldn’t be prescribed. Although this is false, it is still one of the reasons why any prescription drug abuse is common.

With a better understanding of some of the causes of addiction, it becomes easier for those struggling to see why treatment help is necessary.

Learn About Opioids Addiction Treatment Options

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